Welcome to Eurocactus BV.

Let us introduce ourselves on this website.


Eurocactus is a professional grower that cultivates its products in an area of 20,000 m2.

We specialize in growing and selling Cacti and Succulent plants.

Despite our many years of experience and expertise, it remains a challenge to continue to further improve the products.

However, we do so by continually studying our product range and methods for growing and fertilising and the use of pesticides.

We strive to grow our products as organically and environmentally friendly as possible and we work towards minimising the use of pesticides.



Eurocactus specialises in duplicating, cultivating and trading Cacti, Grafted plants, Succulent plants, Rhipsalis cacti, Aloë’s, and Haworthia’s.

By collaborating with several highly specialised companies from the Netherlands and abroad, we are able to present our customers with an extraordinary product range in all kinds of sortings and sizes.

Automation within the company has allowed us to provide customers with the fast service they have come to expect from us.

We also offer various options in packaging and added value, such as labels, ornamental pots, and pot covers.



Eurocactus’ second specialty is the colouring of Cacti and Succulents.

This water-based dye was specially developed for plants and flowers.

It does no harm whatsoever to the plant, which keeps growing at its regular pace.

There is no limit to the colours. We mix the colours ourselves, so that we can provide everyone’s preference.

This is a unique concept for decorations, themes, and holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s, or Easter.



With such a broad product range it is vital to offer as much digital information as possible. On this site, we present our assortment under several themes. All our products can also be found on the FloraXchange and Floriday platforms.

Besides offers, we can also provide you with digital overviews of our supply and themes, week lists and promotions.

Our sales are handled through several exporters working from auctions in the Netherlands and Germany.